"GIVING Inc. is committed to taking action to advance the success of Black girls and women, to complement the important and ongoing work for Black boys and men." - Dr. Chin

Our Mission

The mission of GIVING Inc. is to provide Black girls and young women with access to the resources, capital, and relationships necessary to create successful Black women.

Our Vision

The vision of GIVING Inc. is to close the success gap and create generations of successful Black women by investing in the dreams and life purpose of millions of Black girls.

Our Impact

GIVING Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. GIVING Inc. provides essential resources, mentoring, tutoring, coaching, and more to Black girls and teens who aspire to succeed!

 All Giving purchases and donations are used to support the dreams and goals of Black girls and young women!

Today, GIVING Inc. is creating opportunities for success by:

Donating Essential Goods & Personal items

Mentoring Girls and Young Women

Providing Scholarship Application & Essay Assistance

Offering Free or Low-Cost Tutoring 

Hosting Group Coaching Sessions

Creating Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities

Conducting Peer Mentoring

Collaborating with Non-Profit Organizations for Black Girls and Women

In the future, GIVING Inc. will:

Collect and Donate Goods on a Grand Scale

Host Fund-Raising Initiatives

Provide Scholarship Funding

Invest in Black Women Owned Businesses

Offer Small Low-Interest Loans

Continue Mentoring and Coaching Support on a Larger Scale

Advance Opportunities and Outcomes for Success