• What is a communication trainer?

    A corporate speech pathologist, speech trainer, or communication trainer/coach is a specialist in communication, who works with professionals and other individuals to improve their communication skills. Communication trainers can assist with: -Speech production and fluency -Accent Reduction/Modification -Public Speaking -Voice projection and vocal variety -Writing & Presentation Skills -Online & Social Media Communication Skills -Business Language/Vocabulary -Non-verbal, social, & business communication -Training for Interviews, Pitch Decks, & Sales Pitches -Reducing Fear and anxiety when speaking -& more!

  • Who works with a communication trainer?

    Working professionals, if you are your own boss, the top employee at a company, or anywhere in between, you would benefit from working with a communication trainer. Some professions may include: Business Owners Social Media Influencers Coaches and Trainers Technicians, Engineers & Developers Instructors/Professors Motivational/Public Speakers Business Executives Politicians Professional Athletes Celebrities & more...

  • Why would someone need a communication trainer?

    You may need a communication trainer if, you have concerns with your speech, accent, voice, fluency, grammar, presentation skills, public speaking, writing, confidence when speaking, social communication, workplace communication, leadership communication and more.

  • Does communication training work?

    Yes! Speech/communication is a skill that is every evolving and requires attention and consistent practice. With our comprehensive, client-focused programs, you will receive the necessary information to improve your communication skills. Your rate of progress will ultimately be up to you. Communication training will require you to apply what you learn and practice incorporating your new skills, to replace your old communication habits.

  • What will I learn?

    Each program is client-centered, meaning, you will work directly with Dr. Chin to develop specific and attainable communication goals that are tailored to your career/profession, level of experience, and communication needs. The communication skills you will learn will last a lifetime and can be applied to all setting, not just business interactions.

  • What’s included in the program?

    Each program varies depending on the clients goals. Your program will be unique to you and will contain a variety of engaging lessons and activities to keep your progress consistent and help you carryover your new skills. Dr. Chin uses evidence-based practices to help improve your communication skills and move you closer to your communication goals --starting from the very first session. Each program also includes home practice to keep you learning and working toward your goals between sessions. In addition, you will receive a variety of tools and materials for you to use as a reference to keep even after your training ends.

  • Where do sessions take place?

    All of our programs include live sessions that can be conducted via phone or through our secure online platform. At this time, we are not providing any in-person sessions.

  • How long does it take?

    We have programs ranging from 1, 4, 8, and 12 weeks, depending on your needs and goals. Dr. Chin will help determine which program would be the best fit for you, based on your Communication Consultation.

  • Do you offer group training?

    Yes, please contact us and we can provide you with a quote, based on the number of people, duration of training, and training topic. 

  • How much is a Communication Consultation?

    A Communication Consultation with Dr. Chin is a flat fee of $125. Sessions range from 45-minutes to an hour. You will receive a comprehensive communication report including information about your current communication skills, communication needs, and possible communication goals.

  • Do you accept insurance for communication training?

    We do not accept insurance for communication training services. Communication Training does not require a communication disorder diagnoses and therefore is not covered by insurance. If you have a communication impairment or disorder and need speech-language pathology services, please navigate to the speech-language pathology page. Many companies offer funding for professional development and may cover all or a portion of the cost for your communication training.

  • How much are the Communication Training Programs?

    Each program varies based on the duration of the training. Please contact us to learn more about our programs and rates.

Are you ready to become a confident communicator?
As your corporate speech pathologist, I can help you or your organization, improve the way you communicate! When you work with me, you don’t get a generic training program. Each communication plan is customized to meet your specific needs and goals. We will work together to develop measurable and attainable goals that will significantly improve your communication skills.
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Speech Pronunciation

Are you TIRED of repeating yourself because of your speech pronunciation, fluency, voice, or accent? With one of my communication training programs, we will work together to target goals specifically for your needs! Let me help highlight the features that make you unique, all while making your speech clearer and easier to understand.

Business Communication

Effective communication skills are ESSENTIAL for all professionals! Let me help you improve your communication skills today! When we target your business communication we will work to improve your business vocabulary, social communication, interviewing skills, feedback/evaluation, leadership/coaching skills, and more.

Public Speaking

No more BORING presentations! NOW is the time to improve your public speaking skills by increasing your confidence and releasing any fears about public speaking! When you work with me, you will learn to establish a dynamic presence, engage and maintain the attention of your audience, and effectively deliver your message EVERY time!

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